10 Fashion/Shopping Tips For Men



  1. Fit is Supreme 

the most important improvement you can make when it comes to your style is to ensure fitness, everything should fit perfectly. Never purchase a piece of clothing that is too large, make sure your choice of clothing is such that everything you wear is nearly hugging the shape of your body(without being tight of course). Bad fit is a catastrophe.

  1. Select Simple Clothes 

There is no reason you should dress like a rock-star when you are clearly not in a band! You want to fill your wardrobe with clothing that looks great on you. Do not dress  with more than three pieces of jewelry on. if you feel there is a need to be flashy, then you could go for smart black stripped dress with a pair of jeans (dark), a dressy belt and shoes. You could also wear a flashy watch.

  1. Change your perception of casual

 When shopping for casual clothes, remember that it does not have to be boring. Shop for collared shirts and have fun with it., or take some inspiration from those who approach casual a bit differently.

  1. what about your supporting pieces 

There are sweaters that are lean, while others are big. The first thing you should note is your top and bottom halves must match each other. For example do not wear a chunky/rugged knit sweater and a silk and wool pant together. You can rather wear a casual jeans or cargos.

  1. Take your friends along when you go shopping 

Do not trust sales people, they are only interested with commissions, if you want the best opinion, then you should consider bringing a friend, probably a friend of opposite sex. 

  1. Learn to take risks –

I am not saying you should overdo thing here, but you should also learn to take some risks. Don’t you think it is good to be overdressed that underdressed? Of course it is. Here is what you should consider when you are shopping for an event: think about where you are going and who you are going with and then just step it up a notch. There is a warning though: do not be better dressed than someone you consider to be more important than you in that setting for example: your boss, I don’t want to you to loose your job!

  1. The power of details

Usually, the last thing on are sometimes the first to be noticed. You should therefore take note of the details. Those details can include: a scarf, your tie knot style.

  1. What about your Shoes?

One of the first to be noticed is your shoes. Especially women! When shopping for shoes, remember to select clean and sharp looking ones. Most guys place less importance on their shoes and that is not smart. Be smart a get a great pair of shoes!

  1. Fashion Tees with logos

Always avoid a shirt with a big logo, why should you be a walking billboard? 

  1. Beware of trends

Just because something seems to be popular or trendy doesn’t mean you should go for it.  Be yourself man, shop and wear something you like. Men are not the same, wear something that you like and fit you well.

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