4 Secret Dating Tips A Man Will Never Tell You.

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While men are difficult to understand sometimes- No, most of the time! The best tips and advice for a successful and happy dating for women can come from men themselves. So, I have decided to give out these 4 tips from men! These tips might surprise you as a woman, but that’s what they want. Start observing these tips and you will never be confused again!

  1. Be yourself- Do your own thing.

Be your self

 While dating, do not make the mistake of letting a man become the center of your universe. While you might want to do this because of love, a man will not appreciate it, in fact he will likely feel smothered which might cause him to lose interest. Do not forget that he fell for a woman with her own interest, passions. He fell for the “dynamic you”. Don’t give him less! Men appreciates women who are confident and understands the concept of “interdependence” that means you create time for relationship and space for work, friends and passion. To put it simply, do not stop what you are doing before you met him. Do your own thing!

  1. Keep the communication balanced- please don’t call me all the time!

 communication balanced

Let the man do the asking out, if you are the one texting, calling, emailing and so on, a man will not have to do anything. Keep the communication balanced! That is however not to say that you cannot reach out sometimes but let the man do most of it at least in the early stage of your relationship. If you are already guilty of doing everything for the relationship, you need to step back and let him take charge. If he responds- Great! If he doesn’t- Move on, girl! You deserve better.


  1. Most men are scared of the word “commitment”


No word is a scary to most men than “commitment” they need time to make sure that you are the one and you should respect that. Let’s say you let him know that you are ready for a relationship at date three, he will question if you are really interested in a relationship with him or if you are ready for a relationship with just anyone. Do not rush the “getting-to-know-each-other part”, do not spoil the fun! Use the time to REALLY know him determine for yourself too if he is THE ONE for you.


  1. Don’t treat me like other men you have met before- we are not the same!

Don’t treat me like other men you have met before

 Men are not the same, so stop comparing your man with “other men” you have had experience with! Do not base every opinion on an experience you have had with a guy in the past or listen to your best guy friend’s advice, men are the same. So, treat the man as an individual, give him the chance to show you how much interest he is in you.

I am sure these 4 tips will surely help you while you are dating. This is not all you need to know of course, but these will be a good starting point. ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

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