5 Important Car Shopping Tips

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It is now possible to purchase a car online nowadays.With so much information at your fingertips, there are still some tips that you should keep in mind, they are below:

Make an online research to know the price.

Make an online research to know the price

You need to have an idea of what price you are interested in before you go for shopping. Popular car websites such as  TrueCar.com and Edmunds.com make use the real transaction prices for the type of car you have an interest in. An advantage of having this information is that it will make it easier to conclude negotiations with the dealer quickly and more easily.

Visit the dealership

Visit the dealership

There is a survey that revealed that those who spent a lot of their time online researching cars are also the ones that visited car dealership the most. Now you may think that this is contradictory. But taking a careful look will reveal that it actually makes a lot of sense. Why not take a look at real cars and drive them around, it might surprise you that your ideal car might be ideal after all.


Take advantage of the ‘Net

Take advantage of the Net

Thank God for smartphones, they have literarily placed the internet in your pockets. Though it is always good to make a research before visiting the delearship. But lets say you arrive at the delearship without having an idea about prices, what you could do easily is to take out your smartphone and check market prices again. Car sites like TrueCar.com or Emunds.com or KBB.com now have their mobile apps now for easy assess.



Don’t borrow your life away

Don't borrow your life away

While it is true that easy credit or low interest or stretching out your loan period  can lower your monthly payments significantly, infact six years loans are becoming common. You need to watch out however that though you are now paying for a new car, you wont be in 5 years.

This is a quote from Jack Nerad,(he is KBB.com’s editorial director)”People who are comfortable paying ‘x-amount’ a month for car might be less enthusiastic as the car gets older and older,”

It is also possible to lose sight easily of how much you are paying once you’ve paid up the car note. That is a great reason why you need to pay close attention to the top-line number, then you should start considering monthly payment.

Buy The Car That Really Interest You

Buy The Car That Really Interest You

It is important to make sure that the car you are talking to the dealer about on the phone is actually what you want. You need to understand that though the dealer might be telling you that what he is offering you is close to what you want, you might not like it.

You have the choice here, you can chose to accept the “close enough” or you can chose to wait while you order for your desired car from the factory.

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