5 Important Shopping Tips For Organic Foods

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Many people are becoming aware of what they eat and they have a reason to be. With harmful pesticide and environmental pollution everywhere, it is important that you watch what you eat. Most are now shifting their attention to organic foods when it comes to diet. If you are trying to make a change and shift to eating more organic foods, it can be very hard, knowing where to start can overwhelm you. Here are tips that can help get started:

Check The labels
Organic foods have been given national standard by the USDA. According to USDA, the term ‘organic’ refer to foods that are produced or packaged without hormones, irradiation, pesticides, or antibiotics. There are different types of organic food though

  • 100% organic
  • 95-100% organic
  • Some with less than 70% organic constituents can also label their products as organic.

Choose your organic options
it might not be possible or convenient for you to make a 100% switch to organic foods. The reason might be because of the price. In spite of such limitations, you still have the option of buying some foods in pure organic form.   You might not be able to switch your whole diet to organic – this option could be too expensive or just not practical – but you can decide which foods you believe are worth buying in the organic form. What you need to do is to make a research on foods that are less affected by pesticides and hormones. Examples of such are: strawberries and apple, dairy products also fit into this category.

Take a Look Around.
Though organic foods are generally more expensive than regular foods, you can still save some amount by shopping around and comparing prices. Prices of organic food vary from shop to shop it might surprise you of price ranges if you move around and compare prices. To do this you can shop online, health stores, or large retail chains.

Be Smart With Time.
One of the main reasons preservative chemicals are added to foods is because ensure that they don’t deteriorate quickly. But organic foods do not contain preservatives, that means, they will get spoilt quickly, therefore you need to be smart with your shopping. For example: you can purchase un-ripped vegetables or fruits when it is appropriate, you can have a chat with your farmer or store owner about delivery time.


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