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Motivation is a strong backbone for any kind of work you are starting in your life; only through motivation you can stand erect in your day to day routine life, hence motivation is essentially required in physical workouts as well. Typically physical exercise is done for getting good and charming look, burning fat, increasing height and weight, losing weight, to feel healthier, for more energy, for preventing body from various diseases, decreasing stress, and for many more stuff. In your regular routine life you create time for many things and numerous people’s including the boss, kid’s, family and relatives from your busy schedules but after all this, have some time for yourself to do exercise and workouts.


Start With A Strong Reason

Before starting for workout and exercise, primarily ask yourself that ‘why’ you are going to do? If there is a strong and proper reason then only you will succeed otherwise it’s a challenge that you will quit in month or two. If you find an appropriate reason then set some small and achievable goals, and at the end of each month cross out the plans of workout that are completed and if by chance any of the goals are not achieved then carry forward it for the upcoming month. Like this you will feel relax and happy and addition to this your confidence level will rise high. Often many people start their regular exercise habit with setting too many goals in mind, but unfortunately this is the only vital reason why they quit easily and this way they never reaches to their pre-determined goals.

According to the fact, ‘slow and steady but wins the race’ you should always start with setting small, easy and achievable goals in mind, because too many goals will create burden on your mind. I know that it’s really tough task but if you succeed in achieving that small goals then further you will definitely win the race. Do not forget your initial reasons that why you started the workout, you will automatically get motivation from it because your body achieves what your mind believes.  There are always many false excuses behind why to start but there is always one strong reason behind, why not to start now?



However motivation is most needed in any activity you do but discipline is also very much important because sometimes motivation comes only for a short period of time but discipline last longs. Unluckily with motivation you will instantly start out but you will fail and quit in middle at the point when situation becomes difficult. So according to the conditions discipline is must required in a person for getting proper and good result at the end.

The random and only reason behind people are sleeping exactly at the time when they should be at the Gym is that I’m tired because I had a long, stressful day. This not the lack of motivation in yourself but it’s the lack of one and only discipline. To stay every time on your specified track, you just need an appropriate motivation and vigilant discipline, nothing else. One of the top reasons after people’s workout is to become strong but to make the body strong; you need to make your will-power and mind-power strong first because ‘a healthy mind makes the healthy body’.

If the inspiration is the spark of motivation to do something then never forget that passion is its fuel. Passion is naturally seen in a person at the time when he destroys the obstacles that comes in path towards achieving the fitness goals. Sad to say but you have only one life to do everything that you want to, so don’t fill it with dishonorable excuses.

Like the ever-inspiring Jim Rohn said: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” and for making habit Discipline and passion are also crucially required.  It has been proven by various studies that fat and out-of-shaped people are mostly lazy, dumb, rude and untrustworthy so never suit these above words in life and get Motivated, Stay Motivated to transform your dreams into reality through hardcore workouts.


Workout with friends

Like it is said, ‘a true friend is like a mirror’ always workout hard with friends in gym. Make your best effort and ask your friend for further suggestions because your true friend will always show a right path to you and moreover will inspire you to work harder, consequently you will be motivated. It is true that whenever you workout alone, the intensity and strength will be always in lesser degree as compared to working out with someone (friends). Doing exercise workout with friends will help you in many ways such as, your workouts will be done with more fun and for longer time, you will burn more calories; you’ll work out damn harder, and also you will visit the health club more regularly.

Behind those who are always quitting from exercise and workouts, is always one and the common reason of getting boredom quickly, so these types of people can work out with their friends; it will be funny as well as challenging. It’s a reality that Social support promotes more physical activity. Doing physical activities like exercise or any other work will create a competition between you and your friend which will increase strength in you to endeavor more unhesitatingly. Friends standing behind you, shouting, whistling, jumping and cheering are the best motivators that encourages you when you are dismounting from hard exercise in a gym.



As said before that there are various reasons behind not going for workout or exercise but for a willing heart there is a one genuine reason for moving forward in terms of workout and exercise. Following are some foolish reason which arises in mind when you are about to run from hardcore workouts: I need a day off, my mom dad are out of town, I have body ache today because yesterday I had extreme hard work, I got hurt, I have no time today, my favorite show is going on TV, etc. The person who doesn’t have any motivation, discipline and passion to fulfill his dreams gives the idiotic reason like above mentioned, so don’t be a person of these kind otherwise you will never achieve your goals and never ever fulfill your dreams. For best results always stick to your plans and ideas for the rest of your life, that’s all.

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