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Flowers- they are special isn’t it? Let us imagine you entered a room with a bouquet of flowers place right in the center, it was placed so that the first thing you see bouquet, how did you feel at that moment? You feel immediate pleasure!. That is exactly when you will understand the magic of flowers. It can give you the feeling of contentment, it connects and fascinates. Sending flowers as a gift goes back centuries, it has been utilized as a means to express your profound heart feeling like no other. It is possible to feel that giving flowers as a gift is a modern concept, but it has really been used since ancient times.

For centuries, flowers have been given to victors as appreciations for their bravery, they stands for allthat is positive in life, have you ever seen a flower been associated with something evil? None! They are look upon to be the most beautiful of nature’screations  they are used as a gesture of love.

What makes them so unique and captivating is that it comes in varieties-shapes, colors, patterns,styles,fragrances and shades, men have always been fascinated with flowers. In ancient times, flowers are offered to gods and goddesses, it is a major part of worship in ancient times. Even today, most customs (religious) of various cultures around the world still uses flowers for their rituals and worship. It was once thought that the satisfactionthat a flower offers is the only way to please a god- that explains how important flowers have been and will always be for centuries to come.

Origin of giving flowers as gifts

Apart from using flowers as an object of worship, the practice of giving flowers as gifts was traced to originate from Turkey in the 17th century. In medieval times,it was the introduction of fluorography that fascinated the wider audience. In ancient times, moral value were always linked with or represented with flowers. Let’s consider the use of lilies and the beautiful rose to represent virginity and chastity in Christian religious imagery Christian saints are often represented with flowers to signify virtue.

Flowers as gifts

flowers gifts ideas

The representation of flowers is different for severalcivilizations. I will offer my counsel to you concerning your choice of flowers if you want to express your heart felt message to someone, you can choose from a few listed below:

New love: you can select a gift of purple lilac as it suggests new love, but you must never make a mistake of sending a white one, the color is important here, the white one will suggests a wrong message.

Forget-me-not/true love: red roses are of course the best way to express your true love for someone.

Love at First Sight: Lavender of a thorn-less rose is perfect for this, it speaks of your absolute surrender.

Devoted Affection: to express your devoted affection, it is best to send a bunch of honeysuckle; it will demonstrate your bonds of love.

Declaration of love: a red tulip is best for this.

Reciprocating the gesture

Let’s say you have just received a flower that expresses someone’s love for you, you can reciprocate by sending back a pink carnation (that is if you feel the same way) If however you do not feel the same way, you can send a yellow, white, or stripped carnation, this is a sympathetic way to simply refuse their gesture of love.

To quickly add to this, love is not the only emotion that can be represented by flowers. Hope can be symbolized with the Star of Bethlehem, A Snowdrop denotes consolation. A Marigold speaks of your grief. An Eglantine rose can symbolize a healing touch.

Where Should I Go For Flowers & Gifting Ideas ?

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