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To say the truth, the man should be the one to select and purchase gifts that will be given to the best man. Women like to shop, they shop more than men, during one of your numerous visits to the mall, you can just go into men’s section and look for a suitable gift to present to the best man. Most men do not know how to shop, it is possible that he will pass the shopping for gift to you, and you might not be able to say no. you need to show the best man that you appreciate his involvement in your wedding. So, I have put together some tips that will help you to pick the right item.

Put Yourself In A Man’s Shoe

Remember that you are picking an item that will be presented to a man, so when you are trying to pick an item, you need to stop thinking like a woman will think when she is shopping. You need to think like a man, if you do this, you will be able to find the best or right gift for him. Your bridesmaid might be interested in sassy handbags, butterfly-shaped compact mirrors etc. but you will never find a man moved by this type of things. You should think of things that are likely to make a man tickle. How do you do that? You may ask. Think of something that can remind him of his childhood, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just because it is expensive does not mean it will be appreciated. Sometimes, men act like boys. So, what am I saying? I am saying you might find the best gift for a man in the boy’s section of the mall! Such gifts can be miniature cars, choo-choo trains or a remote controlled helicopter.

If however, you discover that your best-man is not so easily moved and he liked to be manly all the time, you can still go for solid, manly gifts like cigar lighters, sticker designs, beer steins, cufflinks, pub signs, pocket watches, etc. you can see that some of these gifts are work related, that means you don’t have to be rigid, you can thinks of anything.

Think of the Color

Remember, colors do not have bright and pastel before it is appreciated by men. Your goal is to find an item that he will appreciate, not something he will merely accepts. Though black and blue are appreciated by most men, you can still go further and deeper by going for silver. Silver will always look great and elegant especially at weddings.

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