Helpful Tips For Engagement Ring Shopping.




Beads or sweats may break out on the forehead of a man when he walks into a jewellery store to get an engagement ring. If you are not properly informed or educated about engagement rings styles, designs and diamond cuts from your fiancée, you can be overwhelmed. But don’t worry I have got some great shopping tips for you!


Women always drop hints about the type of engagement ring they desire to wear on that “perfect” day and for the rest of their lives. You’ve got to pay attention because some of these tips might be subtle while others might be loud and obvious. Just keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground.

Learn about Colour, Cuts & Clarity

The value and price of an engagement ring is determined by various parts. You need to understand very well the mechanics behind a diamond, if you don’t, you will not really understand what you are getting yourself into. Here are the famous 4 Cs: Colour, clarity, cut, carat.

The colour is based on grading systems starts at D, they can be colourless, clear, light yellow, brown stones all the way to Z. Grading for clarity are similar to identifying any imperfection or blemishes. Cuts range from marquis to emerald to cushion to round. Making a decision to with regards to diamond cuts can be difficult, what you need to do here is to take a look at your loved one’s jewellery box. You should be able to detect a theme form there.

The carat is the weight of the diamond. I want to tell you however that the smaller the stone, the more brilliant it is.

Don’t forget the metals

When you are buying your diamonds, remember to consider the metal that holds it. These metals comes in various colours rose gold, white gold or palladium (it is the rarest and most expensive).

Be Focused, shop around.

Don’t just buy anything because it’s marketed so well. You should take your time and go around different jewellery stores, this is important to widen your option. Go online as well, visit and compare price online, you might want to keep notepad or spreadsheet or whatever to list all prices and technical specs. 

You can customize your own!

It is possible to customize a ring online. This can be advantageous because it allows you to get what you want exactly. If there are designs or gemstones you have in mind, you can create it online. It saves time and it comfortable. All you have to do is to sit back and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

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