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How To Take Perfect Selfie

Typically a selfie is personally taken photograph with a help of camera by holding in hand straightaway distance from arm to face and moreover sometimes supported by a stick popularly called as ‘selfie stick’. In present generation selfies are specially taken to share it on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp and this photos are normally flattering. Selfie stick is mostly used only to take the wider angles photos into view, mainly in a group selfie photos otherwise for single or two persons camera is help at length of arm or using the mirror as well.

Taking a good selfie is an art and perfect Selfie pic shows your feelings, confidence, personality and fashion sense to other when you upload them on social networking sites. Everyone who saves their selfie for profile picture wish that their photo must be genuine and flattering. So next time while taking your own selfie keep the below mentioned totally fabulous tips in mind and capture a perfect selfie with confidence.


Before taking a selfie you should always remember to have a quick look at yourself, usually it is not much important with the selfie that taken when you are alone in the photo because you can cancel/delete it and simply take another one. Yet, it’s a great deal when it comes to group selfie with your friends, trust me your friends will only post those selfies in which they appear good. So it is good to have eyes on yourself before taking a selfie otherwise your friends will look great and afterwards you will come to know that your hairs were here and there, your lipstick and eyeliner were spread over, and you had food on your face.


Having attractive background at back will automatically increase the beauty of your selfie, So always confirm that the background behind your picture is good and clear. Some people don’t look at background and you directly come to know by looking their photos that how messy is their bedroom and floor with clothes, their unarranged furniture, sometimes bathroom’s condition or unwashed sinks, about the foods that they eat, without knowing all this things they click a selfie. Beautiful background is very mush essential for taking perfect selfie. For best selfie always prefer to look for rare colored walls, exceptional designed curtains or any other place where everything is systematized.


The one and best thing to observe while taking a selfie is make sure that you have excellent lighting around yourself. Good lighting matters a lot because it shows your charming makeup, new hairstyle and attractive new wardrobe in a clear vision, but keep in mind that not to choose lighting that’s too rigid or even too dark as well. Standing where there is a natural light will offer a soft and natural look to your selfie. Now-a-day’s selfie is mostly captured using smart phones and high pixel cameras that provide the features to take as many photos at one time in rapid pace. The best benefit of this type of cameras is, you can select the best one that you like the most from numerous photos available. Try never using camera’s LED flash light while taking the selfie instead use natural light that endows best shots. And hence never click a selfie when there is high light source at your backside.


Actually this point is challenging but can be achieved through proper practice; I mean it is possible to take a clear and static selfie. Just relax, check out that your eyes are properly opened, give a natural smile, take a deep breath and make a grip as well as hold your arm in right pose. Unfortunately most of the photographs get screwed up or are not clear when people capture them in shaky and moving condition because selfie is not the photo taken by someone else with two stable hands, so stay still and make your best effort through continuous practice to take a perfect and dashing selfie.


After taking a perfect pic, you can modify it using innumerable editing applications available in the phones now-a-day’s, which would offer you different as well as attractive options like applying various filters, cut short (Crop) facility to remove unwanted backgrounds in photo, reducing red eye, balancing brightness and contrast and creating a fun collage too! Sometimes using filter options doesn’t mean that you are hiding some secret or something but using just to add some special effects and removing flaws and blur so that you can luster and shine more in a selfie. Thus by using these apps you can add more glittering to you pics so that you can upload it on social media sites and enjoy receiving marvelous praising and likes as well.

At last, above mentioned tips might help you to some extent in glorifying your selfies, so what you are waiting for, just go and take some selfies and enjoy unbelievable likes and flattering!

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