Keys to Consider When Shopping For A Tablet

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Apple iPad hit the scenes not too long ago and we’ve already seen a lot of manufacturers trying to take their own share of the pie. It is very interesting how thing are developing in the tablet world. There have been new innovation and competition is good for business. Now customers have an array of products they can choose from in terms of design and OS. Since there are a lot of tablets out there: the question should be how to find the right/the best Tablet for you.

Basically we have the iPad, android tablets and windows model. Below are major keys you need to consider when shopping for a tablet. 

Why Do You Need A Tablet?

 No matter how great they are, tablets cannot perfectly replace a computer or smartphones. There are productivity tasks that can be handled on a tablet but there are also some great benefits to laptops or a desktop that cannot be achieved using a tablet. Do not forget that tablets are slates so there is the keyboard question. Tablet keyboards are on-screen. Though there might be great add-ons for some like the iPad for instance, but they still cannot provide you with the same experience a laptop or desktop will give when it comes to typing.

So, what tablets are great for is media consumption and not really productivity. If you are considering using your tablets for serious work, then you can consider Windows tables with a laptop grade processor, they might cost you much (over $1,000).

Choosing the OS (Operating System)

Just like any other computer system, you need to select a camp to join. They main camps that you can join are Google’s Android, Apple’s iPads and windows. Top camps however are android and Apple .

If you want to go for high productivity, then you should select the windows 8 tablets with Intel’s Atom processors, with awesome computing experience and x86 support.

The strengths of  Apple iOS, the operating system of both the iPad mini and Air tablets lies in their clarity and intuitiveness plus a wide selection of apps that can be purchased right on the tablets makes desirable(there are more than a million apps with most of them working well).

Android tablets offers high notification system with great configurability, smooth (and fast) browsing experience and smooth integration with useful apps like Gmail, Hangouts and Google maps.

Quality   Apps?
a tablet without good apps is useless. iPad is the best when it comes to third party apps. There millions of well monitored applications and games that you can choose from to suite your purpose.

Android also has a many great apps (thousands maybe) but not as many as iPads. Most android phone apps look great on 7-inch tablets, but not so great with larger android tablets.

Windows 8 also has like a 100,000 apps but titles are not as those of androids and iPads. All standard windows programs will run on your windows 8 tablet.

Screen Size, Resolution and Storage

it’s important to consider screen size and storage. 7-inch tablets are considered small screen while 8.9 to 10-inch tablets are considered large. What about screen resolution? You need a bright, sharp display for reading eBooks and web browsing. Amazon Fire HDX, Samsung Tabs, iPad Air 2 and mini 3 are great tablets with awesome screen resolutions


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