Musical instruments

Musical Instruments



Musical instruments – I am sure you know what they are, they are devices used to create/generate music. They are commonly controlled a player or a musician to create or produce the desired sound effects.

These devices have been used by humans for thousands of years they are as old as music itself. They are various types of musical instruments, each one is designed to produce its own unique pitch, timbre, rhythm, melody and duration, this includes chords and notes.


 There are many varieties of musical instruments, these categories includes:

  • Chordophones (strings): Stringed instruments are designed to produce a sound whenever a string is pulled or plucked. The sound depends though on, the length of the string (vibrating portion), the tension, the vibrating portion of the string. There are other factors as well. For example, the resonating cavity in the device. Examples of string instruments are: Harp, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Viola, Violin, Cello etc.


  • Aerophones (woodwinds and brasses): these types of musical instruments generate sound when air is channeled through the instrument which causes it to vibrate. The kinds of sounds produced depend also on the shape of the instrument, its length (length of the column of air, the design of the instrument and the method of tone production. examples includes: piccolo, oboe, horn, saxophone, clarinet, French horn and trombone.


  • Idiophones (percussion):these musical instruments produce sound whenever they are stroked. The shape and size of the device also affects the sound produced. Examples include: bells, gong chime, timpani, xylophone, cymbals and the snare drum


  • Membranophones (drums): Drums includes: the tambourine, the barrel drum, the friction drum, goblet drums and the friction drum.


There are other musical instruments, we still have the electronic instruments and keyboards. Examples includes: Organ, Harpsichord, the piano and the Glockenspiel. There are subcategories under each of these devices.

Playing levels can also be used to categorize musical instruments, some are appropriate for all classes instruments while others are for beginners. Expert musicians/players have their own favorites for musical instruments.

How to choose a musical instrument

If you are a musician or you just like to play music for fun, it is better to start with the type you like you can then proceed to progressively master the instrument by joining music classes. What if you just like music generally and not really into any particular instrument, you can start with a keyboard, it is the perfect instrument to start with, why? Because electronic keyboards are capable of producing all sorts of sounds from drum beats to guitar tones. What’s more, there are varieties of DJ instruments in the market, if you are a DJ wannabe or you are very much experienced. These instruments can be used to mix sounds and produced amazing sounds.

If you are interested however in putting together a band of your own, you have a wide variety of instruments to choose from. Mainly you will need percussions, stringed instruments and drums.

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