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Month of October is denominated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Typically breast cancer is disease that is spread through breast tissues in women. Symptoms that are seen in this disease are, having a knot in the breast and due to which the shape of the breast is not as regular, fluid like substance coming out of nipple, dimpling of the skin, shabby patches on the breast mostly of red colour, in major problem there might be bone pain as well, hypertrophy of lymph glands, problem arises while inhaling, and many more. According to a survey, in approx 80% of breast cancer cases the first and initial distinct symptom observed is generally having a lump in the breast that is different as compared with the breast of others.

Breast cancer is now-a-days the often and vastly form of disease in women because of their increased weight (fatness), lack of physical exercise, drinking alcohol, hormone replacement therapy during menopause, first menstruation at early age and having children late or not at all. But due to increased adequate education and awareness among people, there has been simultaneous decrease in the cases to some extent. It is astounding to know that around 5–10% of Breast Cancer cases are due to genes inherited from their parents. Woman’s  can reduce the risk of breast cancer by maintaining their overweighted body, drinking less or prohibiting alcohol, more engaged in physically activities and exercise  and breastfeeding to their children as well.

If you heartily wish to support the patients during Breast Cancer Awareness Month then there are numerous ways, and mentioned below are some of them:


The best, easy and common way to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is you should wholeheartedly participate in fundraising walk or run held throughout various cities across the UK. You can confidently sign up, No matter you are alone or you have a group of friends and family with you. Or as an alternate option, if you are a busy kind of person then depending upon your aspiration you can simply donate some amount of money or water bottles to the participants and can become a part to spread breast cancer among other people. Usually there is no specific rule, moreover depending upon your desire you can go to the distance on your own time and to location of your choice, and many a times you are even allowed to walk, run, bike, and even swim if you want to!


Presently breast cancer is the most common diseases observed in modern women, so to cure such an epidemic, fundraising for the patients and spreading awareness among people there are various companies and brands fashion, accessories, makeup and beauty products, who contribute as well as donate some part of their profits to breast cancer research institutes in the month of October, that means you can shop and help to support the cause simultaneously. Also you can prefer in shopping to purchase such a product that it’s some part of money honestly support and do well in the world’s progress.

Numerous fitness companies such as Nike, Under Armor, and Asics also contribute money by selling special-edition products just to help breast cancer cases. Through shopping those products which are connected to Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising program, you can give a little bit contribution towards the path of prevention, early detection and its treatment to numerous families all around the world. Additionally you should prefer to purchase products from popular stores like Nordstrom, JCPenney, Macy’s and many more who sincerely donate a specific percentage of the total earnings to those who are suffering from such epidemic, and consequentially only few cents from you can truly add up to fund raising plan.


Social media is the best and plays a vital role in spreading any kind of information up to each and every person in society, so you can also choose strength of social media for disseminating awareness about Breast Cancer in every corner of the world. You can spread knowledge about the importance of periodic breast cancer check-up, if unfortunately you cannot join to fundraising walk or run then you can be a part of it through sharing the appropriate destination and the specific time to others. Some of the Breast Cancer Organizations uses social media sites as a method to draw attention of the people at international level towards awareness of Breast Cancer. And the main intention of these organizations is not only to support the women who are suffering from it but also to make aware more and more women so that cancer can be detect at earlier stage, and nothing else.


In US, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also popularly known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), because every year in the month of October international health campaign are arranged by charities to increase information in the minds of the people about Breast Cancer, for raising funds to help research centres for early detection, treatment and cure as well. Moreover the fund raised by the charity function also helps to those women who are already affected by the epidemic. Hence the pink ribbon which is normally seen in the month October is an identification of Breast Cancer Awareness globally because colour pink is considered as womanly and also describe fear of breast cancer and hope for the future life.

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