Secret Tips to Break BAD Habits

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Secret Tips to Break BAD Habits

According to the well-known saying, “Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, very easy to get in but extremely tough to get out of it.” A habit whether it is good or bad, it reflects the character and nature of a person in the eyes of others so it’s up to you what you desire? Even a small step can led you towards big changes in life.

Nothing to say about good habits because we all know about it but bad habits like Smoking, eating junk food every day, drinking too much alcohol, wearing headphone for longer time, biting nails, drinking plenty of tea and coffee continuously, wasting too much time on internet, etc are harsh obstacles in between you and your pre-decided goals. And moreover this bad habit pushes your health (mentally and physically) in danger condition in slowly and steadily way. Typically habits are those which are done again and again, automatically without any intention in mind hence they are like routine that happens repeatedly with us.

The main reasons behind bad habits are Stress and boredom. Yes its reality that boredom takes birth in your mind due to extreme stress. Bad habits are just like giving somewhat relaxation form stress but it’s not the correct path to deal with because the results of bad habits are always bad. You should always endeavor hard to put into practice healthy and good habits which could play a vital role in progress in your life.

It’s tremendously tough to get rid of bad habits for anyone in this world, but if you really want to break your bad habits then always remember that, ‘everything is possible to a willing heart.’ Following are some important tips that will help you to eradicate the unwanted negative habits from your life:


The first and initial thing required in you to remove bad habits from your life is having guts to accept about it, because sometimes you do not accept it and it goes on increasing. Sincerely it’s your prime job to accept the bad habits that are done by you unwillingly and if it is point out by anyone else then you might get hurt. Suppose if you accept your bad habits then definitely you will break it otherwise never. Sometimes the bad habits in you will not be so easy to discover by your eyes but will be perfectly noticed by others, so the best option is to ask your best friend, co-workers or any other who is always in touch with you.


After recognizing and accepting the bad habits in you it’s not over but the real courage starts when you decide to eradicate bad ones from your life because it’s not so simple and easy to stay away from bad habits. The bad things which are done by you in your daily life cannot be stopped with simply talking about it, but continuous practice and lot of efforts will make you perfect. If you really want to stop yourself from doing bad habits then you just replace that bad one with alternative of good one. As said before that bad habits are due to only two reason stress and boredom, so always decide earlier that how to deal with stress and boredom that drags you towards bad habit. Try to focus hard and spend your precious money and time on the positive habits that will be advantageous and helpful to you.


This is the easy and best way to get rid of bad habits. First of all you just have to decide about what you use as a replacement instead of demolishing the bad habit from your life. For e.g. some people have a bad habit of smoking, so for them the best option is that when they have a strong yearning of smoking, they can apply a substitute like doing breathing exercise or anything else. As everybody knows that bad habits wastes your time and energy, so keeping this type of motivational thought in your judgment you can replace your bad habit with good one. Although it’s very tough to replace or stop your habit but through your strong courage and will power you can break it up completely. Suppose in your day to day life if you’re drinking too much coffee then instead of it you can have a decaffeinated tea to drink.


Making yourself to pay fine every time you repeat to do the bad habit again will be quit dissappointing but eventually it will increase savings because money is great motivators, besides these, give yourself surprises and rewards for following the good habit. It sounds like laughter but it’s the finest way to get free from unwanted and unhealthy habits. The person who has strong willpower can change any habit, so strengthen your willpower to delete bad habits from your life. It’s too hard to leave the bad habit so make small and achievable goals every month and create various rewards or treat yourself with surprising gifts for staying away from bad habits. You just have to turn your mind and get started with positive habits and you will automatically feel happy, confident, and energized as well.

Thus breaking your bad habits from your most valuable life you can have a great future ahead with using good habits in you. Bad habits might be beneficial for you today but in reality there are as many disadvantages of bad habit, so slowly and steadily apply good habits in your life and make it cheerful and enthusiastic.

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