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All the seasons present in the atmosphere have their own special qualities, but most of the peoples in world are crazier for winter season don’t know why? But for some people it’s like a war for getting pretty skin because in winter skin of the body becomes so pale, dry and dull that it turns in roughness, cracking and sometimes eczema too. The vital reasons behind all this affects on body in winter are biting winds, shriveled air, frosty temperature and less humidity available in the atmosphere which removes moisture from soft skin, and makes chapped lips, cracked legs and rough hair as well. So maintaining the skin in winter season is more important through appropriate pampering. Described below are some basic beneficial suggestions that would help you in taking as much care in forthcoming winter season for having a glowing and charming skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

The first and crucial step towards natural glossy and shiny skin in winter is drinking plenty of water, which will safeguard your body from dehydration which is usually the main reason which makes skin dry scaly and dull in appearance. Drinking adequate amount of water is very much important not only in summer but also in winter because of the coldness in atmosphere outside home and dryness in air from heaters inside the home and offices ultimately dehydrates the body.

Drink Plenty oF water

Drinking enough water helps your body to maintain its fluid balance which makes your skin revitalize. Some of the people think that the temperature in winter season dip down so water requirement in body also goes down; it is frankly a wrong idea. Water is best element that removes impurities from the body and if there are no impurities in your body, your skin and face automatically starts shining.

Use Lukewarm Water:

It’s would be amazing for all of us to have a hot prolong bath or shower in a chilly (winter) season but in reality it is disadvantageous for hair and skin because it removes moisture from it, which resultants in dryness and dullness. So for maintaining the glossiness and for luminous skin always have approx 5-10 minutes bath and that also once in a day.

Use Lukewarm Water

Hence to energize the skin’s brightness and for fresh look, a lukewarm bath or shower is the key and moreover don’t forget to use only less mild, pH neutral less drying soaps which are intentionally made for calming the skin. Furthermore softly pat your body to protect it from over drying, as a result this will instantly hydrate and will leave a luminous, moisturized and softened skin.

Intense Care to Uncovered Parts Of the Boday:

Unfortunately some of the peoples fail to look after their mostly exposed parts of the body like hands; nails, feet and lips. As a matter of fact, all over the winter the one and only problem that everybody has is about uncovered parts of the body. The main reason behind the dryness and dullness of uncovered body parts is that they are considerably exposed to dryness in the air and results in more contact with dust that increases in cracks and dullness of the same.

  • For Lips:

Lips Winter Care

Various lip balms are available in the market but especially some which includes coconut oil are most preferred by the people because it makes lips smooth and pinkish like rose pellets. It’s not bad to use one that contains lemon as these are antiseptic and antibacterial as well.

  • For Nails:


Nails are mainly made up of water, so in winter constantly changing atmosphere from cold at outside and to warm in room’s resultants in reducing moisture level in them. Due to this reason your nails becomes dehydrated and starts begin to break, split, and chip. For best results regularly apply moisturizers, drink enough water, try not applying nail polish in winter, and never forget to wear gloves as well.

  • For Hands:


Factually the skin on the hand is thinner as compared to any other parts of the body, so it’s necessary to keep as much care of hands through applying a crème, ointment and sunscreen lotion which can make it hydrated, soft and silky. Always prefer to wear pair of hand gloves when you are out of home and also keep moisturizing Balm with you so that you can apply whenever required. The cream that contains wheat germ oil is mostly high in vitamin E which sniggle into the skin and offers shinny look.

  • For feet:

feet Winter Care

The simple and best way to protect your feet from cracks in winter is to find a time in night before going to bed and soak them in mild warm water for approx 15 minutes and cleanse them well. After that make apply a thick cream—lotions containing lactic acid and massage for 10-15 minutes so that they get hydrated which makes your feet to look fresh and healthy. Always prefer to wear socks made with natural fabrics like cotton and wool rather than synthetic ones because it makes your feet sweaty and smelly as well. You can also utilize a foot scrub at weekly basis that will provide stimulate circulation to your feet.

Make Better Skin From Inside to Out:

According to the popular sayings that “what goes inside, it shows outside” means eating nutritious, healthy, and fresh food and going to gym will offer you a great shinny and charming skin. In winter season if you go to shopping for kitchen grocery try to buy fruit & vegetables as well as green leafy vegetables such as Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Apples, Kiwi and veggies like Celery, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers, and Zucchini because these eating foods have high water avail that helps in hydrating your skin from inside out. You can also have fatty fish which has high omega-3 that locks the moisture and provides wrinkle free and soft skin. Limit the excess intake of alcohol and smoking cigarette in winter for those who have the habit.

Another best way rather than good food to cleanse your skin from inside is Regular Physical Exercise. Early morning approx 1 hour of walk and 30 min of gymnasium will help not only to physical growth but also for the bright shining skin. Alternatively, workout that makes you sweat like dancing, cycling, skipping and yoga are also the best option for the body and skin as sweat removes the unwanted toxins from the body through pores.

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